Store Credit Policy and Terms

As of March 2021, Store Credit may only be earned through the trade-in of used goods (typically through our Buylist). Any other past ways of earning Store Credit (e.g. tournament prizes) shall now be issued as Gift Cards.

Store Credit is issued in CAD and calculated in CAD. The value in any other currency we sell in will vary with the exchange rate. We cannot be responsible for any gain or loss on exchange.

Store Credit may be used only in-store or at The Shop App has no way of accessing Store Credit, and Store Credit may not be used on eBay or CardTrader. Our Online Store treats the use of Store Credit as a discount.

Store Credit may be used for the purchase of any physical goods or for entry into tournaments. Store Credit may not be combined with any automatic checkout discounts or promo codes, whether or not the terms of those offers otherwise state this. If you wish to use Store Credit despite a sale, you must use enough to exceed the existing discount, as the system will default to giving the greater savings. Store Credit also may not be directly used to pay shipping costs (but Gift Cards can, see below).

Store Credit may not be used online for the purchase of Gift Cards. If you wish to purchase a Gift Card with Store Credit you may do so in store or email us at so we can facilitate the transaction for you. Similarly, we can facilitate the use of Store Credit on Special Orders only if you contact us.

Store Credit may not be transferred to other accounts, but goods and Gift Cards may be purchased for others.

Store Credit does not expire, however no interest or other consideration shall be extended for the holding of Store Credit.

In the event of a transaction where Store Credit and another payment method are split, refunds will typically be issued in proportion of payment methods used.